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About the Author August 14, 2008

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Left to my thoughts


Welcome to my blog.  I thought I’d give a little information about myself for those who don’t know me.  My name is Dru and I’ve been living in Japan for almost 3 years now.  I’ve been enjoying my time here and have become accustomed to life in Tokyo.  I’m from Vancouver, Canada and I do miss my hometown.

Vancouver is a beautiful city on the West Coast of Canada.  If you have never been there, it’s wonderful.  There isn’t much to do in terms of nightlife, but you can enjoy lots of sports and mild Winters.  Vancouver also has some of the best food from around the world.  Anything you can imagine is available in Vancouver.

Tokyo is a vibrant and exciting city.  You can get anything you want, if you are willing to pay for it.  The city is a maze of streets and subways, but once you are used to it, you can love it.

As for me? I enjoy a lot of things in life.  Mainly motorcycles, travelling, and my dog Chewie.  I miss him a lot while I’m here in Tokyo.

In the future, I will be writing about my misadventures out and about Japan and some information about the past.  Feel free to ask questions, or give me topics to talk about.

Note:  I will try to update this blog every 2 weeks.

みんなこんいちは。 私はドルーです。私はIHCWAY英語の先生(アンドりゅ)。 このblogは英語のblog。もし私の英語は難しい、日本語のquestionは大丈夫。

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