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CIMG3596Dru’s Misadventures was originally supposed to be a blog about my life.  However, I soon realized that no one would be very interested in my life, per se.  My passion for travelling around Japan would be far more interesting, so I decided to start writing about the places I have visited.  My first real post was about Beijing.  This was quickly followed by a post about Matsushima, which I visited the month before.  From there, I talked about baseball, football, and other cities in Japan.  I have also touched a little on culture, but I have mainly talked about travelling.

This blog now holds two purposes in my life.  One is to write an account of the places I have been and to hopefully share it with others.  It can be difficult to remember things that we have done in the past, and this is one of the best ways I can think of to remind myself of the sights, sounds, and smells of each place.  I can only hope that my writing has helped others, and hopefully yourself to understand the places I’ve been, and to hopefully get an idea of what things can be like if you ever visit those cities.  If you ever have questions about different places, always feel free to ask.  The other reason I’m writing this blog is to help my students learn English.  I am an English teacher in Japan and I use this blog as a way to help students learn English.  I hope that my own personal writing provides a nice variety of English words and phrases for them to learn, as well as to hopefully get a better understanding of my own personality.  I always encourage people to ask me questions, especially if they don’t understand something that I write.  While I am better at teaching face to face, I can always type an answer to any questions you may have.

It has been about one year since I first started this blog, and I’m very happy to hear from people around the world.  I haven’t done much to promote my blog.  As I have mentioned, this is more of a hobby than anything else.  While it is simple to write about Tokyo and get lots of people to my site, hopefully my journeys to the less traveled places in Japan will encourage people, especially expats living in Japan, to travel within Japan even more.  Since the first year I was in Japan, my view of Japan has changed dramatically.  I have been able to learn a lot about the people, its history, and its culture.  I do have to say that my first year of travels within Japan has been very doe eyed, compared to the way I see things now.  Now, I can look at Japan in a more understanding way, and be capable to finding new things easily.  The first time you ever visit a city should never be the last.  It can take two or even three times to visit a city completely.  While I have touched on many places in Japan, I always find new adventures on the second or even third time.  I hope that you will also be able to venture to these beautiful cities someday.



1. Yogi - August 26, 2009

Konichiwa, Dru san
I am Yogi from Malaysia, i found ur blog when i looking for info. about Otaru Hokkaido…i like japan very much too, but it was difficult for me to travel there coz nan demo takai desu……but i plan to go to hokkaido to see snow…..as u know we don’t have snow here in malaysia. u think i still can see snow around otaru canal middle of march??…..well regrdless of global waming…hahaha…….apprciate ur advice……by the way u have a nice bike…i like bike too, but i only have a scooter….my dream bike Harley V-rod……till then enjoy ur stay in Japan.

drutang - August 26, 2009

Dear Yogi,

Thank you for visiting. I’m glad you like Japan a lot. Of course, I love it here. In the middle of March, you might have a 50% chance to see snow. It’s probably unlikely. Average temperature for Sapporo is -4C to 4C. Either way, it will still be very beautiful.

Thanks for the comment on my bike. Unfortunately, I no longer have it. It’s too expensive in Japan. Remember, Japan isn’t that expensive. It’s similar to America. You just have to look for cheap places to eat and travel wisely. 🙂 Hope you get a V-rod someday.

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